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DIY Centerpiece Class Sacramento
Take a Beginning DIY Centerpiece Class in Sacramento!

Are you looking for a DIY Wedding Centerpiece Class in Sacramento?  Or do you just want to learn how to arrange flowers and know what to do with that bunch of flowers just bought at the Farmer’s Market?

We offer DIY Centerpiece Classes in Sacramento and Shingle Springs.  This is a beginning class, with no experience required.  We will teach you the basics, give you a tips sheet, and provide you with a recipe; and then we’ll have hands-on time for you to make a centerpiece to take home!  It’s a fun class to take by yourself or with a friend.

We often offer half-price vouchers through Living Social; keep your eyes open for those and sign up when they are available!  You BYOF (Bring Your Own Flowers) so that you learn with the flowers and the colors that YOU love. I’ll tell you how many stems to bring. Occasionally, I offer some really luxe vases and in that case there is an additional charge.

When you buy your Living Social voucher for a half-price floral design class in Sacramento, YOU will need to contact ME as Living Social does not share your contact information with me.  You’ll let me know which date you are interested in and I’ll reserve a seat for you.

Contact me for more information.  Visit the DIY Floral Design Class page for more information.