I LOVE my clients!  Here are some kind words:

“My best friend found Monique’s website when we were searching for flowers to decorate the tables at my wedding.

Monique was easy to work with, and through emails knew she was just a super sweet person.
The flowers we ordered were priced right for flowers, and they were beautiful! I made sure to have our wedding photographer get a close up of the bouquet just for her website!
Monique is wonderful and I highly recommend her!

Also, she teaches floral design classes! Look her up!!!”
Beth, Cloverdale, Kirkwood Hideaway wedding, 07/01/2014
(YELP Review)

“I really enjoyed the floral design class I took with Monique last week in Sacramento. I learned some tricks of the trade that will save me money in the future – including what to grow in my own backyard that are good flowers for centerpiece arrangements. She was very creative and professional and I learned a lot. I would definitely consult with her or hire her for my flower needs in the future.”

Diedre, Davis, Floral Class, 06/26/2014
(YELP Review)

“Monique was very instructive and made the class personal for all attendees.”

Martin, Floral Class, 6/21/2014
(Living Social Review)

“Learned a lot. Enjoyed the class and loved the centerpiece I made!!!”

Donna, Floral Class, 6/21/2014
(Living Social Review)

“This was a great class! I can’t believe how much I learned about flower arranging in less than two hours. Monique is easy going, explains things well, and gave so many great tips. Can’t wait to take another of her classes!”

Lori, Floral Class, 6/22/2014
(Living Social Review)

“The class was very organized, and informative. It provided the basics of flower arranging. I would highly recommend it”

Carol, Floral Class, 6/22/2014
(Living Social Review)

“I’m so impressed with Monique of A Special Day Designs! I originally was looking for someone to teach me flower arranging and happened on her website by chance. She offers flower arranging classes for the DIY bride! What a concept! I took the class on flower girl halos and corsage making! She did a terrific job teaching a newbie how to work with the wire, gluing techniques and provided all of the supplies to complete two projects! She even came to my home! It was so much fun and she’s so easy to work with! My projects turned out great and I feel confident I can make the flower girl halo for the flower girl at my son’s upcoming wedding! I plan on taking more of her classes in the future! I highly recommend her and wish we had found her sooner for my son’s wedding!”

Kimberly, El Dorado Hills, Private DIY Corsages, Bouts, & Halos class 9/8/2013(Wedding Wire review)

“I found Monique by chance while on my laptop Google’ing around looking for a flower arranging class in my area.  I was so impressed with her website and the fact that she offers brides a DIY opportunity.  When I saw the DIY classes she offered on her site I contacted her so I could learn how to make a flower girl halo and corsage for my son’s upcoming wedding.  She was available on a weekend and came to my home, bringing all of the supplies (flowers, wire cutters, wire, glue, etc.), including a printed out tutorial on how to make bows, halos and corsages.  She also provided very good tricks of the trade information so that I could easily make these items on my own! She is so sweet and easy going as another reviewer mentioned.  I wish we would have found her sooner so that she could have done the flowers for our son’s wedding.  I plan to take more of her classes and thought it would even be fun to assemble some of my friends for a flower arranging class for a holiday arrangement!  What fun!”

Kimberly, El Dorado Hills, Private DIY Corsages, Bouts, & Halos class 9/8/2013
(YELP review)

“In order to save some money, the flowers for my wedding were all DIY.  I was having trouble finding a vendor to sell to me at a reasonable price and was getting very frustrated… Then came Monique!  A friend found her website and we saw that she offered classes for DIY weddings, but also would help you order your own flowers.  Monique responded quickly to my frantic e-mail and gave me step by step instructions  on how to get started with ordering and picking out the flowers.  She was SO helpful, especially during the most stressful parts of the wedding planning!  When we met Monique to pick up the flowers, she was very helpful and friendly, and knowledgeable about the care and transportation of the flowers.  She even printed out instructions for me on making bouquets!  If you are having a DIY wedding, I highly recommend Monique’s services for flowers.”

Skimra, Sacramento, Fox Road Ranch, Dixon wedding 05/26/13
(YELP review)

“Where do I start? My flowers and the design I envisioned for my table   settings came to LIFE. Monique is truly amazing, she knew EXACTLY what I  wanted for my wedding. It left me speechless; she was so spot on. The  decorations were so unique and lovely. I think every single one of my  wedding guests mentioned how GORGEOUS the tables were. She is so nice  and easygoing, and really LISTENED to what I wanted. I just loved working with her. Full five stars without hesitation. She deserves MORE   than five! I am one happy bride.”
Katie, Sacramento, Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, Sacramento wedding 03/28/13
(YELP review)

“Can I just say that I’m in love with Monique! I am so in love with  the work she did for my wedding, it’s a shame that we left on our  honeymoon the next day and I didn’t get to enjoy the flowers longer.

I  am not a picky customer, but I realized that that made me a difficult  customer. Because when Monique would ask what I liked I would reply  with, “I like daisies and wildflowers, I dunno do whatever you think  would look nice” haha Monique worked with me though and through  pinterest and only one face to face meeting she pulled off exactly what was in my mind.

The best part were all the small surprises on  the wedding day. A small brooch on my bouquet, the engraved initials on  the Mothers wrist cuff corsages, and small touches like milk glass vases  on the head table.

I would highly recommend Monique to anyone! Her style is one of a kind and she is a pleasure to work with!”
Sarah, Sacramento, American River Resort, Coloma wedding, 09/08/12
(YELP review)

“Monique was wonderful to work with! 90% of my contact with her was  through email and she always responded promptly. I never really had a  vision just knew that I liked wildflowers and through Monique’s  questions and Pinterest she was able to give me EXACTLY what I wanted! A   few weeks before the wedding we met up at our venue and I told her what  decorations I had and she was easily able to work in the flowers and  complete the look we were going for.

Many thanks to Monique and her talent! I only wish that I lived closer to her to have flowers from her all the time.”
Sarah, Sacramento, American River Resort, Coloma wedding, 9/8/12
(Wedding Wire review)

“Monique Wilber with A Special Day Designs did our wedding flowers and we  couldn’t be more happy with her work! She’s an artist! I had some ideas  about what I wanted and changed my mind constantly. Somehow she was  able to translate my murky vision into something beautiful. She knew  what I wanted before I did! Her bouquets and arrangements were STUNNING.  A Special Day Designs is perfect for DIY and offbeat brides like  myself. Five Star vendor all the way! I HIGHLY recommend A Special Day Designs.”
Ashley, Citrus Heights, Nestldown / Los Gatos Hotel, Los Gatos wedding, 09/16/11 
(YELP review)

“Monique is amazing!! She went above and beyond my expectations and I could not have been happier and more stress-free on my wedding day. She   was so flexible and very understanding with my situation. I’m serving in  the military and in the 8 months before my wedding, I had traveled to 3  different countries and 6 different states. I was constantly busy and  never in one place so most of our communication was done via email. She  really took the time to work with me and check in with me on the ideas I  had for the wedding. I showed her a couple of photos and ideas I liked  and let her run with it.

When I came to the wedding venue, I  couldn’t have been more impressed to see everything set up and decorated  and to see her creative genius at work. I received SO many compliments  on the flowers/decor and especially on my unique bouquet. I can’t  believe what she was able to pull of with my budget!

I’m really so  truly grateful to have had Monique be a part of our wedding. She  provided the most beautiful flowers and decor and most of all, peace of  mind!”
Erica, Military Serviceperson, Edgewood Resort, Lake Tahoe wedding, 08/05/11 (Wedding Wire review)

“We just got back from our honeymoon and I wanted to write you to Thank you for all your help!  It was great to meet you.  The flowers were beautiful and added that special intimate look to the wedding.  I had the best day and wanted to say Thank you for everything.”
Tiffany, Sacramento, Rome Valley Vineyards, Garden Valley wedding, 07/23/11
(Wedding Wire review)

“I really enjoyed working with Monique.  I had a few ideas about what I   wanted (sunflowers) but I really gave her creative license and the  bouquets were GORGEOUS.  I’m still getting compliments on them.  I was  initially interested because of the reasonable pricing; and after our  initial meeting, I was sold on Monique’s vision and personality – which was our main priority in selecting all of our vendors.”
Aimee, Sacramento, American River Resort, Coloma wedding, 10/02/2010
(Wedding Wire review)

“Monique is amazing!  When I wrote to her and asked what we could get for  our budget, I had no idea she’d be able to pull off all she did!  Monique took my bridesmaids’ dresses and came up with an amazing idea,  and since she blogged it, I was able to show it to my family and  friends, which was great.  The flowers were inventive and beautiful.  I cannot say enough good things about her!”
Kristen, Sacramento, Capitol Rose Garden, Sacramento wedding, 09/05/2010
(Wedding Wire review)

“The bouquet and cake topper were beautiful!  Monique also arranged the  decorative flowers beautifully. She was affordable and professional. I’m  am grateful that I hired her for my wedding.”
Melanie, Grass Valley, Private Home, Grass Valley wedding, 06/12/2010
(Wedding Wire review)

“Monique was very thorough and open to ideas we had for our Tahoe  wedding. Mixing mid-century modern beach meets the Tahoe woods she added   her amazing floral touch to our ceremony and reception. We worked very   well together via email & over the phone with my husband and I  located in Southern, CA. Put your trust in Monique for your wedding day,   we did and she absolutely came through.”

Danielle, Laguna Niguel, Chinquapin Lake Tahoe wedding, 05/02/2010
(Wedding Wire review)

“I loved my flowers, they were beautiful, and i would recommend you to other brides and such!” Sharon, DIY client, Sacramento wedding, 09/06/2009 (Wedding Wire review)

“Monique was amazing.  She was willing to work within my budget.  I was  impressed that she brought a sheet of ideas that included my dress and  the bridesmaids dresses to the initial consultation before I had even  signed a contract with her.  She made extra corsages for grandparents  that we did not know were coming the day of the event.  She was on time  and prepared.  The flowers were amazing.  I received more compliments on  them than almost anything else at the wedding.  I would use Monique  again for an event and recommend her highly.”
Beckie, Sacramento, High Sierra Iris Gardens, Camino Apple Hill wedding, 06/20/2009 (Wedding Wire review)


“Monique was wonderful to work with. She has amazing ideas and is extremely talented. I had a very detailed cascading orchid bouquet  that turned out better than I had ever imagined. She was on time  delivering flowers on the wedding day. And responded back to us very  quickly when we had questions. I would definitely recommend A Special  Day Designs by Monique Wilber.”

Keri, Shingle Springs, Silverthorn Meadows, Camino Apple Hill wedding, 05/30/2009 (Wedding Wire review)